About me

I am a 3D Artist with over 3 years work experience in the entertainment industry. My passion and love is for characters, creatures, animations and living worlds.

Besides the 3D world I am also fascinated by drawings and traditional animations.

I try to get better every day.


If you would like to follow my path or meet me, you’re welcome 🙂


My DevianArt page.

Worked for

Red Parrot Studios / Cologne / 3D Artist
Eder GmbH / Ostfildern / 3D Artist

Movie Reviews

Jeder sollte so einen Bären haben!

INDAChs Kritik von Mariusz Ginel zu „Paddington 2“

Piraten der Karibik Salazars Rache

Die INDAChs Kritik von Mariusz Ginel

Beside the 3D project “Joey Jumper” I created for my final examen at the art school this oil image.

Oil Painting Kangaroo