Mariusz ginel rendering 01

Fur work in progress (05/09/2018)

Mariusz ginel zbrush 04

Modeling and painting in ZBrush

Mariusz ginel zbrush 04 01
Mariusz ginel texture map 01
Mariusz ginel zbrush 01 01
Mariusz ginel zbrush 03 01

Joey Jumper modeling tunrtable

Mariusz ginel joeyjumpercharacter sidefront view

My Sketch wasn't a strict target

Mariusz ginel photo 2018 09 03 11 48 59

Funny stuff

Joey Jumper is my first full Character with Fur.

I chose Xgen IGS as my fur system because it is pre-installed on Maya, so I don't need any further plugins and it is also under constant development.

ZBrush, Maya, Photoshop, Xgen, Arnold

Modeling: Done
Surface: Done

Fur: WIP
Rigging: WIP
Props and Scene: WIP
Rendering: WIP
Comp: WIP

Fur work in progress (05/09/2018)

More artwork
Mariusz ginel worm cover 01